Pre School

At Safari Kid preschool we understand that every child has different strengths and levels of learning and believe that while structure is important, it should not hinder growth.

Our programs are not designed by age groups but by their learning capacity. We start by first evaluating your child and enroll him/her in the program that is most suited for their current level.

Public speaking is an important part of all our programs and we give your child several opportunities to perform in front of a large audience.

  • Our Accelerated Learning Programs are designed to provide:
  • A positive learning environment
  • Collaboration among children
  • Contextual learning

While we offer some of the most advanced curriculum based programs, we also understand the benefits of outside play. Some of the other preschools or learning centers do not pay attention to the importance of outside play. At Safari Kid, all of our centers that offer preschool programs are equipped with an outside playground for children to play and develop their physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual domains. Outside play time is incorporated in all of our preschool programs.


Safari Kid preschool offers the following programs:


Accelerated Learning 1 Preschool Program

Safari Kid accepts enrollments for children 2 years and older (and they do not have to be potty trained). We stimulate their minds with interactive learning, songs, poems, creative play and circle time. Children are introduced to the basic concepts of phonics, numbers, shapes, colors, beginning sounds, reading, logical thinking, tracing, public speaking, math and much more. This program is specifically designed to build a strong foundation for your child.

Accelerated Learning 2 Preschool/Pre-K Program

Children are introduced to Reading, Math, and Science, Social Studies along with Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement and Public Speaking. As they progress through these levels, they are taught advanced concepts of reading, writing, math, critical/logical thinking and much more. Students graduating from this program are fluent readers and have the capacity to do first and/or second grade math and comprehensions depending on their learning abilities.

Our two Accelerated Learning programs are further divided into 4 different levels which has been an effective way of focusing on your child’s progress. Our staff will go over these levels in detail in your first meeting.

Parent-Teacher meetings are held every quarter to discuss your child’s progress.


We also offer the following extra-curricular activities for preschoolers:


Smart Cub Program

Safari Kid Smart Cubs Program is a hands-on learning program for preschoolers where children focus on life sciences, problem solving, logical and creative thinking. Children experiment and explore various science concepts that exercise and enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills. This program is age appropriate and follows Safari Kid Level based Programs. You can read some reviews about our Smart Cub programs here...

Exploratory Art Class

This is an excellent way to build Fine (small) and Gross (large) motor skills. Children are introduced to basic and advanced concepts of drawing, coloring, modeling and painting.

Dance Class

We offer Bollywood dancing for children as young as 2 years of age. We have 2 different levels for children based on age group. Our dance students participate in various dance competitions all across the bay area. We are proud to report that Safari Kid dance students have won numerous group and solo trophies in dance competitions.

We strongly encourage all parents to enroll their children as early as possible and to please setup an appointment with our experienced staff who will explain the benefits of starting early. It has been our experience that children who start this early, usually do exceptionally well through the rest of our advanced programs at Safari Kid and in school.